Umusambi Village is rich in biodiversity and there are many different species living within the wetland including small mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. These are a few of the bird species that you may be able to spot at Umusambi Village during your visit.

Grey Crowned Crane

(Balearica regulorum)

Umusambi Kigali grey-crowned-crane
Palm Nut Vulture
(Gypohierax angolensis)
Umusambi Kigali Palm-nut-vulture
Fan-tailed Widowbird
(Euplectes axillaris)
Umusambi Kigali Fan-tailed widowbird
Speckled Mousebird

(Colius striatus)

Malachite Kingfisher

(Alcedo cristata)

Umusambi Kigali Malachite-kingfisher
Black-headed Gonalek
(Laniarius erythrogaster)
Umusambi Kigali black-headed gonalek
Scarlet-chested Sunbird

(Chalcomitra senegalensis)

Umusambi Kigali Scarlet-chested sunbird
Woodland Kingfisher
(Halcyon senegalensis)
Umusambi Kigali Woodland kingfisher
Grosbeak Weaver

(Amblyospiza albifrons)

Umusambi Kigali Grosbeak-weaver

Swamp Flycatcher
(Muscicapa aquatica)

Swamp Flycatcher Umusambi Village Kigali

Can you spot them all at Umusambi Village?

All these lovely birds and many more can often be seen at Umusambi Village. Our team can give you and your family a spotting sheet so you can tick off the species as you see them.

There are more species than we could possibly list on our website, please let us know of your sightings when you visit us.