Umusambi Village Plans

We have BIG plans...

Umusambi Big Plans Viewing Deck
Umusambi Village Plans
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Coming Soon

While we have already opened our site to the public, we have big plans for future developments for making Umusambi Village an even greater visitor experience.

The site will provide open space for the cranes with suitable and enriching habitat, as well as recreation trails, educational exhibits, viewing platforms, and a visitor center with an environmental education space, a café and a gift shop.

This facility will be the first of its kind in Rwanda, providing conservation education and recreation opportunities for local and international visitors. In addition, it will act as an educational and research center, and a place where school groups and families can see and learn about threatened native wildlife. It will also support the Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association’s work of increasing awareness and changing behaviors towards poaching, the pet trade, and habitat protection.

Umusambi Plans Map
Bird on Path Umusambi

More developments coming soon…