Conservation related activities at Umusambi Village

1. Introduction

Umusambi Village is new permanent facility for illegally traded cranes and other wildlife that are unfit to return to the wild. ‘Umusambi Village’ sanctuary and Nature reserve is designed to provide semi-wild conditions and a permanent home for those captive Grey Crowned Cranes that are disabled or sick and cannot be reintroduced to the wild. This will then mean that Rwanda can achieve the goal of having no Grey Crowned Cranes in captivity. The nature reserve and sanctuary will also serve as a place of recreation where families, tourists and schools can visit to relax, and we will develop an educational facility to raise awareness of conservation and cranes in Rwanda. With an educational centre on birds, wildlife, ecosystems and indigenous plant conservation in Rwanda, targeting schools as well as general visitors.

Since this place is a restored wetland, several activities related to restoration of this place and maintenance are of the great importance, enhancing conservation of biodiversity, identifying and caring for the already existing birds, amphibians, insects and indigenous plants.

2. Activities:

Nursery for indigenous trees 

  • Biodiversity survey at targeted planting sites
  • Identification of suitable plants to plant at targeted sites
  • Germinating selected seeds
  • Transplantation of seedlings: Removing seedlings from seed-bed to seedling bags.
  • Planting trees
  • Regular monitoring of the grown trees.

Updating the bird list of Umusambi village

We have more than 100 species of birds at this site, we regularly update the list for better understanding of status of this area in terms of biodiversity richness and the overall health of the ecosystem.

Monitoring and removal of the invasive plants at the site.

Monitoring and veterinary related activities of the disabled grey crowned cranes living at the site.

Conservation education center:

  • Help to make education materials
  • Organising and conducting conservation education camps for students in holidays.
  • Organising conservation education seminars.

 Butterfly exhibit:

  • Regular management of the exhibit
  • Receiving and leading visitors for guided tours in the exhibit.

Monitoring and identification of bat species at Umusambi village

  • Bat pollinated garden establishment
  • Drying seeds from fecal samples collected from roosting sites
  • Germinating dried seeds in petri dishes
  • Transplanting grown seedlings from petri dishes to seedling bags
  • Planting seedlings that are ready to be planted.
  • Regular monitoring of the garden

 Community related activities

  • Bee keeping: working with our community cooperatives that will be trained for bee keeping and producing local honey.
  • Butterfly farming: working with trained community members for butterfly rearing. Butterflies produced by these community members will be bought for our butterfly exhibit.
  • Handcrafts making for the gifts and souvenirs’ shop: working with community members that supply gifts
Umusambi Birding
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Working with RWCA

With our partner organisation, Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association, we are deeply involved in wildlife conservation efforts throughout Rwanda.

Past projects have included saving the the endangered Grey Crowned Crane, Bat conservation, youth environmental education and huge tree planting efforts.

Click here to visit our charity partner, RWCA, to read more.

RWCA colour banding Cranes

Saving the endangered Grey Crowned Crane

Research & Conservation of Bats in Rwanda

Reaching out to local communities to engage with wildlife conservation issues