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Things To Do At Umusambi Village

Umusambi Village is a beautifully restored wetland area, providing a sanctuary for over 50 endangered Grey Crowned Cranes saved from the illegal pet trade.

Visiting Umusambi Village, you can watch these majestic birds enjoying their new home. Enjoy our network of walking trails to explore the wetland area and be immersed in nature.

As well as taking your time to relax and enjoy, Umusambi Village will offer many activities to enhance your visit and provide opportunities to learn more about the cranes and their habitat.

  • Exhibits: Take time to read our signs dotted around the site, to learn more about the wetland, the Grey Crowned Cranes and the conservation efforts we are using to stop their decline
  • Tours: Receive a guided, in-depth walkthrough of our facility; our experienced staff will help you spot different wildlife and plants and teach you about them
  • Bird watching: In addition to our cranes, Umusambi Village is home to over 100 species of native and migratory birds. Feel free to participate in our citizen science programme to help us monitor the different species of birds.
  • Exclusive dawn and dusk tours: We offer exclusive tours for individuals or small groups to visit our site outside of the usual opening hours, to get the best possible bird watching opportunities in complete tranquillity, without any interruption from other visitors.
  • For Children: Umusambi Village has activities designed with children in mind, such as scavenger hunts, activity worksheets and colouring. For small groups, schools or families looking for a full day out, special activities can be organised in advance such as clay modelling, arts and crafts or tree planting.
  • Medicinal Plant garden: We have collected a range of native plants that local people use to combat a variety of ailments. Learn about their properties and how they thrive in healthy wetlands
  • Butterfly garden: Umusambi Village is planting butterfly friendly plants to encourage mny different species of pollinators. We also have plans to build a butterfly house where you will be able to learn about butterflies close up. 
  • Conservation Stories: Request a talk with our Director or our other staff members to hear our conservation stories!

Coming Soon:

  • An evening with the cranes special event
  • Bat watching
  • Café
  • Children’s holiday camp activities
  • Volunteer conservation days and ‘hands-on’ activities
  • Behind the scenes tour
  • Conservation Story Telling: Listen to and interact with the top leading conservationists in Rwanda!

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