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Umusambi Village Visitor guide

Umusambi Village visitor

Guided Tours and Activities

Grey Crowned Cranes Umusambi

Learn more about the Grey Crowned Cranes and all our other wonderful wildlife.

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Our Conservation Work

Run by internationally acclaimed conservation non-profit Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association, Umusambi Village is an environmentally sound place of interest for socially responsible tourists and locals to visit. The site has been carefully restored, supervised by our dedicated botanist, to remove all invasive and non-native species and populated with a large variety of native plants and trees that can support a rich array of wildlife. During your visit, you will be able to learn about the plants and wildlife around you and understand how important it is to protect wetland areas and promote biodiversity.

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Family Fun

Grey Crowned Cranes Umusambi

Umsambi Village has activities designed with children in mind to help them connect with nature and learn about their environment such as a scavenger hunts, activity worksheets and hands on learning opportunities

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“Umusambi Village is outdoor education at its finest. As a family, we were grateful to spend a day in the beautifully restored marshland, walking, bird-watching, and learning about the endangered Grey Crowned Cranes. Our kids learned about the importance of the marshland ecosystem and planted a native tree that we look forward to visiting again in the coming years.”

Aila Malik & family, USA.

Umusambi Village, 19km From Kigali City Centre

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Our Future Plans

We have big plans for developing Umusambi Village in the future to make the visitor experience even better and to have an even greater impact on wildlife and conservation.

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Our Goals

Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association’s goals are to:

• Provide a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to critical conservation issues in order to create sustainable solutions

• Protect wildlife and natural habitats

• Engage and educate local communities and improve livelihoods

• Raise awareness of conservation issues

Umusambi Village fits into these goals by providing part of the solution to the illegal trade of wildlife and raising awareness about important conservation issues.

Radio presenter Sandrine Isheja visits Umusambi Village

“Umusambi Village is a great experience. We loved wandering along all the paths, seeing and learning about so many different birds in their natural habitats. It’s fantastic to have this available so close to Kigali centre.”

Caroline & Laurence Dews, UK